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At Bevel, we believe in maintaining our patients most authentic & natural self

Your special place to be you

Bevel is an all inclusive safe space for you to become your most confident and healthy self.

Start looking more natural today!

It's time to start taking care of ourselves and looking the way we want to feel.

Our location

We are conveeniently located in the Ballard Blocks on the 3rd floor. Enter the parking garage and go to third floor. You will see signs directing to Mosiac Salon & Spa.

Los Angeles

909 49th St. Los Angeles, California, 90011, United States

(213) 575 - 0381losangeles@spa.com

New York

265 W 123rd St, New York, New York(NY), 10027, United States

(718) 469-4772newyork@spa.com

San Francisco

725 Green St, San Francisco, California, 94133, United States

(416) 456 - 8631losangeles@spa.com
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What our clients say about Bevel

Bevel is a one stop experience for those looking to enhance their personal look – through natural means.

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Andrea R.

Seattle - Ballard, WA

"I was extremely impressed with the professional experience and above all – the look I received was EXACTLY what I had been missing from other spas in the area!"

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Vanessa T.

West Seattle, WA

“I couldn't believe the results that Bevel was able to deliver. I was always skeptical of certain procedures from what you read about – Bevel was something completely different.”

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Ryan S.

Kirkland, WA

“After several poor experiences at other establishments, I figured I would give it one last try. I am so thankful for the help, care and understanding Bevel provided to me”

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